Beyond the scales

There’s more to it than weight loss

Losing weight is one of the most commonly set goals and is often one of the biggest reasons we hire personal trainers/coaches, join gyms and attend diet clubs.

Seeing the number dropping on the bathroom scales can be very motivating and can often be one of the signs that we are getting results from our diet and exercise regimen.

But measuring our bodyweight doesn’t help us identify any of the other positive changes that could be occurring (such as losing inches and looking more toned) and if the number on the scale isn’t coming down as quickly as we think it should, we can become demotivated and frustrated. In some cases people develop an unhealthy relationship with the scales, basing their happiness and feelings of self-worth on a number.

Not seeing a drop in weight could even lead us to ask, 'what’s the point in trying?’

It can be really frustrating when we have made the effort to eat well, only to see that the scale hasn’t budged! This is especially the case when the only thing we are tracking is how much we weigh. What if we noticed that, although we hadn’t lost weight, our jeans were not quite as tight, or that we had lost an inch from our waist?

Or even just that we had better energy levels? Chances are we wouldn’t feel like our efforts were a waste of time and we’d feel more motivated to continue with the healthy habits that will ultimately lead to us reaching our goal.