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Certified health and lifestyle coaches Stephen and Greg are delighted to introduce 2BUDDS. A 100% organic Hemp oil specifically formulated to bring relief to people suffering from body pain and discomfort.

Stephen and Greg fought and overcame cancer to become a certified health and lifestyle coaches. The urge to aid people overcome several health issues led them to the discovery of CBD. After trials with the drug, they decided to spread the news of its benefits to people in need of freedom from body pain and discomfort.


It's no news that CBD is loaded with benefits for the body. Tests reveal that when the body's endocannabinoid receptors are armed with CBD, maintaining overall wellness and physical processes becomes a thing of ease for the human body. CBD helps a person maintain a sense of calm and focus required for better learning. It's known to lower blood pressure, relieve stress due to its therapeutic effects on depression, anxiety, and stress.

Unfortunately, most people never experience these health benefits because:

1. They lack the knowledge to administer CBD in the required dosage to achieve results.

2. Are using a low-quality brand

3. Are making bad lifestyle choices that hinder them from enjoying the effects of CBD.

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Stephen and Greg provide solutions to the above issues. They educate people on the proper use of CBD and little lifestyle changes that allow them to enjoy its benefits.

They tackle the issue of subpar CBD products by introducing 2BUDDS a well-refined and Organic Hemp oil product. 2BUDDS has been tried and performs beyond expectations. According to Stephen and Greg, 2BUDDS is one of the arms in their arsenal that will aid in lifting their clients out of body pain and discomfort.